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Fall 2010

September is almost here and recently there are a lot of references to discover whats coming with it! So, here it is: the chart for this fall telling you exactly what you need to know ūüėÄ (Full view to read … Continue reading

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One Pieces sells 20M in 2010

This time One Piece gets the place of 1st! The Oricon Communications market survey firm reports that Eiichiro¬†Oda‘s entire One Piece¬†pirate manga series has sold over 20 million copies ‚ÄĒ just in 2010. This was a first time selling this … Continue reading

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Bleach 4th movie teasers subbed!

I finally found some teaser that were actually subbed¬†in english! Finally! And… I found a new teaser and this one has a small piece of the actual movie shots! So, here are the videos subbed! I know right?! I’m looking … Continue reading

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Award-winning anime director Satoshi Kon passes away

Jim Vowles, a member of the Otakorp¬†Board of Directors for the Otakon convention, has announced on Tuesday that director Satoshi Kon¬†has passed away. Kon was 47. The staff of Otakon confirmed his passing with MADHOUSE studio founder Masao Maruyama. Maruyama¬†had … Continue reading

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Love Hina special one-shot!

Negima, the manga (or mangá) crated by Ken Akamatsu, will reach the 300th chapter and as a celebration Shonen Magazine will release a special Love Hina One-shot with characters: Naru and Keitaru! And a Negima t-shirt will be included!

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Yumekui Merry

Yumekui¬†Merry’s official website put this small teaser online. The plot is about a young boy who has the power to see other people’s dreams and nightmares.¬†One day he meets a mysterious pretty girl called Merry that is from the Dream … Continue reading

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Highschool of the Dead

Hi again people! I know I havent made any topics very frequantly as I used to, and I’m sorry! As you probably know I am facing some computer problems concerning downloads and image uploading (computer -> net) so it’s been … Continue reading

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First Manga/Anime?

Hi guys! I’m sorry for this huge inactivity this last week. I had promised an Inspiration article for last week’s Tuesday but I was having some computer problems and I had no chances but to delay that post :S I’m … Continue reading

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Dragon Ball game

Have you heard? This fall Dragon Ball: Rage Blast 2 is coming and it has new animation footage! Taken from AnimeVice

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Video: Bad Apple

i found this video almost two months ago and I thought “Amazing animation!” and it’s true, and just black and white! How cool is that?! o.o

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