Tools: Part 1

Tools are the base of our work. Some are sharp, some are rough some are just easy to use, but still not enough…

The variety of tools available to us nowadays is amazingly huge and some times is hard to choose which are best and the ones we should pick. Sometimes the best tools are not our best “to use” tools because only with experience and time we can actually master those tools. We need to feel comfortable with a tool so we can actually make a good drawing or painting.

But sometimes there are tools that no other tools can match. Per example? G-pens are one of the best tools a manga creator can use but is also one the hardest to master and for that most artists don’t use it. You can actually sometimes ear some people say that “you are not a pro unless you master a G-pen”.

It’s not actually true since there are thousands of manga creators that already have some published works around the globe and dont use this tool… But the truth is that G-pens with a lot of skill involved can really make a drawing look professional as no other tool can.

So, if you really want to use one specific tools you need to practice a lot with it. And practice becomes first before anything else! Dont ever make a work to show to a publisher with a tool you have never practiced with, specially if you think you still arent used to work with it!

The more common tools and possibly the basic tools for Manga work are:

  1. Pencil
  2. Ink pen
  3. markers (for coloring)
  4. paper

I know this is just something you can use ALL THE TIME! Not just for manga, but any type of drawing! But this is what you really can call the basic. I could even make this simpler. I mean, you can just use pencil and paper if you want. Mark Crilley does it!

But of course there is much more to it! There are many type of pencils, many type of brands of tools! But some are considered as best and others are considered as more comfortable as I said before…

Here is an example:

  1. Black Prismacolor pencil
  2. Erasable pencil
  3. COPIC Markers
  4. Manga paper

You have a variety of brands to choose such as Staedler, Sakura, Prismacolor, FaberCastle, etc…

I advise you to Google “tools for manga”… You will have amazing articles with huge lists about the different types of tools and brands available to you.

I personally use a blue lead mechanical pencil, sakura pigma micron pens (inking pens), i seriously intend to buy COPIC Markers for coloring.

The other tools you must have already: rulers, squares and paper…

I will mention more tools and maybe a list of the tools people often use so you can see what you prefer 😀 So, this is just a part of another article that will complete it!

Until then, here’s some links in this matter:

If I havent mentioned some maybe you can tell me! What kind of brands and tools do you usually use?

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