Tools: Part 2

If you havent read the Part 1, read it first: here!

In Part 1 I mentioned some tools that are more common among artists and manga creators such as G-pens, Prismacolor pencils and Copic Markers. In this article (as Part 2) I’ll mention more tools and if possible I’ll show some reference videos for you to watch!

Drawing skills are a obliged aspect of this “business”. But as said in Part 1, the “tools can make a difference”. So, here’s a list of some common tools between manga artists.

  • Pencils

Staedler H pencil – good for rough sketches and pencil outlines; Staedler 2B pencil – specially good for sketches since its a soft pencil, also good to shade; Erasable pencils – any brand is good, they’re good for shading and to use before inking the final product.

  • Mechanical pencils

There are many types of mechanical pencils and in my opinion any type is a good one since they aren’t suppose to be in the finished art work. The one I use is a Rotring T 0.7

From preferences I also advise getting a blue lead mechanical pencil. It doesnt show up on the scan and if used without too much pressure it can be unnoticeable to the eye. Also has the advantage to prevent you from needing to erase the entire page (which prevents you from bending the paper)

  • Ink pens

G-pens – the best for final products and outlines. Good and soft pressure lines; Staedler Fine liners – good for outlines, soft and rough lines, come in different sizes being good for detailed finished art; Sakura Pigma Micron – good for outlines, come in different sizes being good for detailed finished art; Staedler permanent lumocolor –  good for inking large spaces such as backgrounds. Good for outlining balloons. Bleed a lot in some papers; There are more pens such as: Round inking pens, brush tip pens, spoon/kabura pens and school pens.

Some examples of G-pen on-going works.

  • Erasers

Staedler erasers – various sizes. usually blur without careful; FaberCastle erasers – various sizes, blur if using a soft eraser

(Note: I dont know much about erasers, if you know more than this please help me fill this list)

  • Paper

Various sizes:

B5 -for manga magazines; A4 – for individual press manga; B4 – the best for majority of manga magazines; (in manga paper use B4 size for manga magazines, they eventually re-size it to B5)

Printer paper – Good for any type of drawings. Blur when using soft pencils. Good for printing version of manga pages; Manga paper – Good for drawing any type of manga drawing (pages, sketches or characters), includes the tachikiri line with a grid (good for making straight lines and helps with the frames)

  • Correction tools

I don’t know much about this type of tools but I’ve heard the best is the White-Out. Its simple and good for scans since it doesnt show up.

You can also check Manga Apps Videos that were featured before in this blog: here if you have more doubts.

Any questions or suggestions for this article just post a comment!

Researched: “How to draw manga – Getting Started” and “Making Comics” books and a lot of Internet navigation

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