ComiPo! manga maker?

So… Today – as usuall – I opened my browser and went for ANN (Anime news network) and something that I usually search first is manga news. This was the first title I found that obviously made me interested at first sight: “ComiPo! Program Makes Manga for people who cant draw”

Strange as it may sound, last week (Friday), Web Technology Com Corporation announced the realease of this software that helps you create your own characters as you can notice on the video.

Character designer Kumi Horii (Seitokai no Ichizon, Zone of the Enders) created the built-in character models. These models, along with the backgrounds, are available in 3D, allowing the users to shift the angles of either when designing their manga’s panels. Users can also customize Horii’s designs with different hairstyles, hair color, eyes, expressions, clothing, and other features. Users will be able to import their own original designs into the program; however, Tanaka told Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief Patrick Macias that the 3D modeling software will not be included at launch, but debut in a later version.ComiPo! features a female character, 17-year-old Miho “Comipo-chan” Koishikawa, who gives advice to the users. Sayaka Nakaya (Usaru-san) of the female idol group AKB48 voices the character. As leader of the “ComiPo! Supporters,” she will record the dialogue that will accompany a weekly one-panel manga starting in December.

Also in the works are translated versions of the software in multiple languages, including English, and a Flash-based version of the software. Tanaka said that the company expects the software to be popular both with casual users interested in visual storytelling, and with professional manga creators who need help with layouts and other work typically done by assistants.

Source: ANN
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