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  • Manga/Anime ‘Opera’ goes on Europe tour

Japan Anime Live is a stage performance based on Naruto Shippūden, One Piece, Bleach, Gundam, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, that will tour Europe starting on Saturday. The tour describes itself as “the first official live event made and performed by the Japanese creators of famous manga and anime series.” Miki Satou (Bleach Rock Musical) as Bleach’s Rukia, Yūichirō Hirata (The Prince of Tennis musical) as Bleach’s Ichigo, and Taizō Shiina (Sengoku Basara, Saiyuki, Haruka -Beyond the Stream of Time- stage plays) as Naruto’s title character, will all be in it and it is expected to be really good.

More here: link 1

  • New York Times list of Manga best sellers (October 10-16)

New York Times has once again released its manga best seller in United States article and once more Naruto is on TOP 1 and the recently “famous” Hetalia is on 3rd which is surprising for the realease of its first volume!

More here: link 2


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