Records (over 3000 in one month!) and info on the blog

(recruiting info in the final)

Gentle people who have been reading/visiting this blog for this past 5 months, I thank you SO MUCH for your participation! Manga Resource, in October as reached more than 3000 visits, which is a really good record in the “Month stats” chart! I started this blog at the end of June with the purpose of making this a whole index for artists, manga and anime fans and through time I’ve been gladly seeing the blog grow and grow.

Info on the blog: Objectives

I’ve been thinking seriously about the future of this blog (I’m really sorry if this affected the posting frequency :/) and here are the new objectives that made me think so much:

  • 1.Create a new team for the blog in order to make easier the posting frequency for our good readers!;
  • 2.Expand the Link Center in order to create a good source of info and links to artists and fans;
  • 3.Feature manga artists (unknown or popular) and feature their work;
  • 4.Feature new Manga Projects and create a new huge source of projects out there.

Some of these objectives have been building them selves through all this time in the past 5 months and recently worked after creating the new articles offering “Model/Reference Sheets” made by great manga artists such as Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), Tite Kubo (Bleach) and Eiichiro Oda (One Piece).

Recruiting Info

The recent news about the creation of a team for the blog has already been announced before in a post and also in the blog’s Twitter. The response hasn’t been very good, or any good at all, but the need of a new crew member(s) is still existent.

If you still are interested, here are some info on the crew’s recruiting:

  • You must send an application to this e-mail address: (if you have problems with gmail leave a comment and we may discussit in other ways)
  • For the application you must send these informations:
  1. Where are you from? (You dont need to be american)
  2. From how long do you have been following manga/anime?
  3. Do you have a good knowledge about the manga industry? (Yes/No question)
  4. How old are you? (You have to be at least 15)
  5. What do you intend to achieve while being part of the crew?
  6. From how have you known the existence of this blog? (Optional)

Once again, Thank you for your patience while reading this blog 😀 Keep reading and if you have suggestions for new articles, resources or for the help of the expansion of our Link page, just send an e-mail! 😉 Happy Halloween

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