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Web Comics… have you heard of such thing?

Manga Resource, as told before, is trying to develop the artistic part of the blog (which is the main objective of this blog) and one of the most thought projects for this blog is a way of featuring and present to you – readers and fans – webcomics!

What are Webcomics?

Webcomics, online comics, or Internet comics are comics published on a website. While most are published exclusively on the web, others are also published in magazines, newspapers or often in self-published books.

Webcomics can be compared to self-published print comics in that almost anyone can create their own webcomic and publish it. In January 2007, there were an estimated 38,000 webcomics being published. Webcomics range from traditional comic strips to graphic novels and cover many genres and subjects. Very few are financially self-sustaining.

Source: Webcomic on Wikipedia

What is Manga Resource’s Webmanga Project?

Webmanga Project is a project that supports any type of webcomic with a drawing style based or related to manga. With this project Manga Resource offers an easier way of featuring and promote manga stories through out the world and even offering some support in the artistic professional mangaka life.

Something you should understand: Manga Resource is not going to host the manga! Manga Resource is just going to feature your work.

  • How does this project work?

After you enter this project, a post will be created with the info on the webcomic, exposing the author, the progress of the work (chapters per time), the number of chapters, its genre the synopsis and the URL linking you to the site.

Every two weeks there will be a new post called  WMP News with the new chapters of the week of each webmanga and a thumb with the cover for each and obviously some news concerning them (in case a chapter fails or the artists decides to take a break)

  • How to enter Webmanga Project?

First you need to create your manga (traditionally or digitally) and host it in a webcomic host such as SmackJeeves, ComicFurry or other. Send an email to mangaresource.blog@gmail.com with all the information needed (template below)

Template for Email

Author (could be just a nick/pen name if you prefer)
Rated (Teen/Adult/…)
Number of chapters
Progress – Chapters per time (example: 1C/1,5W)
Banner/Button (160×45 px)
Illustration of the comics (a cover)

  1. How do I host a comic on the web?

You have multiple options when hosting your comic on the web. Here’s a small list of the most used webcomic hosting sites:

After submission

After sending the email I will create a small post specially introducing your webcomic and put your small banner/button (160×45) on the blog’s sidebar (explanation shown above) and there you have it! This way you will have a full profile on the blog’s archive and a banner/button linking to your webmanga in our sidebar! 😀 Everyone can start reading your manga with just a click!

Join this project! It’s worth it 😉

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