WMP – Vampire Fetish

Vampire Fetish

Author: Loom
Rated: Teen +
Genre: Comedy / Horror
Chapters: 4 – On going
Update Schedule: New Page Every Sunday and Thursday


Jude Hawthorne is having a rough time getting published. His initial success as short story extraordinaire has diminished, and he fears being forever known as a “flash in the pan.”

His shaky finances are held afloat by the risky commissions of the Catholic Church. In the night, while dressed in full-on drag, Jude takes on obsessive-compulsive vampires, catching them off guard just long enough to plunge the stake through their hearts!
But is this really what he wants, and more importantly, can he ever get out? Can Jude untangle himself from the obligations of the Catholic Church, steer clear of freshly agitated vampiric enemies, and settle into the quiet life of a writer?

Join Jude Hawthorne: Amateur Novelist, Professional Vampire Hunter!

Read it here!


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2 Responses to WMP – Vampire Fetish

  1. LOOM says:

    Thanks for the feature, man! Your blog looks really nice, too. I love the content and I’ll be watching and following along on Twitter!

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