Comic Rush Mag – Print to Digital!

“The editors of Comic Rush magazine announced on Wednesday that the magazine will move from print to a completely electronic format. The March issue, which just shipped on Wednesday, will be the final print issue from the publisher JIVE Ltd., and the first all-digital issue will debut on March 1.”

Source: ANN

Big change for a magazine! It wasnt so long ago – about 4 or 5 months ago – that Kodansha and some other publishers complained about the publication of manga chapters on the web due to author copyrights and other factors. This time it looks like a magazine changed its way of seeing things. I myself don’t agree with the prohibition of manga chapters on the web but I actually prefer having a book in my hands.

“Future issues will be available on personal computers, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch devices, and Android smartphones on the 1st of every month for 450 yen (about US$5.50). The current March issue is already available for free on the official computer website for the new digital edition. The iPad/iPhone version is slated for mid- to late February, while the Android version is slated for March 1.”

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