B Gata H Kei manga reaching an end

Young Jump revealed that B Gata H Kei, manga by Yōko Sanri that’s been published on Young Jump since 2003, will end on February 3rd.

Here’s a small summary about it:

B Gata H Kei revolves around 15-year-old high school student Yamada whose lascivious nature causes her to aspire to one day achieve sexual relations with 100 different partners. However, her insecurities as a virgin leads her to reject every guy that attempts to make a move on her. In order to hurdle this mental barrier Yamada goes on a search for her “golden cherry”, an inexperienced boy whom she will bestow the right to be her first.

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One Response to B Gata H Kei manga reaching an end

  1. Ava Roy says:

    The manga has been running in Weekly Young Jump magazine since 2003 and seven compiled book volumes have been published so far..The Animate.tv website has begun streaming a 64-second teaser trailer for the upcoming Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers Paint it White Shiroku Nure! Hetalia Axis Powers on the Silver Screen Paint it White film which is scheduled to open on June 5..The movie will adapt Hidekaz Himaruya s Hetalia Axis Powers web manga just as the two earlier television seasons did and a third season which began airing Friday.

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