February on Manga Resource

Finally! Another month has passed and another one started! I don’t really like January – since it’s the first month of the year – but it is finally over! I started gathering some ideas for this new month and here’s the objectives for Manga Resource:

  1. Gather 2 more webcomic mangas for WMP (start sending your participation email!)
  2. Start a discussion for whether to create or not create a forum for Manga Resource;
  3. Write at least 2 article-tutorials;
  4. Add at least 4 more links to Manga Resource’s Link Center
  5. Do Inspiration #12 and #13 articles

These are the objectives for this month and, although they are a lot – in my opinion – I think it’s very possible to make all of these! I am still not sure about the forum creation – which I mentioned on twitter – that’s why it is only going to be a small discussion whether to create or not.

I also want to thank all of Manga Resource’s reader because once again the blog’s Stats on January made a new record with 4,548 views on the blog – which in December, even with the day record of 301 views on Dec 5th, it got 4,527. The difference it isn’t much but once again it was a new record!

Please keep reading the blog and leave your comments!
Thank you!

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