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Naruto Fillers coming to an end!

Through a scan released on the web, finally some news about these fillers! Naruto Shippuden has suddenly been, since episode #181, overwhelmed by these fillers talking about the past of these characters we all know so well! Information says that … Continue reading

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Pluto, “The Caterpiller” and Naruto nominated – France’s Angoulême

For those who dont really know about this event, the Angoulême International Comics Festival is the largest comics festival in Europe. It has occurred every year since 1974 in Angoulême, France, in the month of January. It is a festival that … Continue reading

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Records (over 3000 in one month!) and info on the blog

(recruiting info in the final) Gentle people who have been reading/visiting this blog for this past 5 months, I thank you SO MUCH for your participation! Manga Resource, in October as reached more than 3000 visits, which is a really … Continue reading

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Reference sheets (Naruto and Bleach)

Inspiration for most artists is easy to get. But when inspiration comes sometimes the image we have on our heads isnt exactly what goes to the paper… Still, with practice we can get to that picture and maybe even get … Continue reading

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One Pieces sells 20M in 2010

This time One Piece gets the place of 1st! The Oricon Communications market survey firm reports that Eiichiro Oda‘s entire One Piece pirate manga series has sold over 20 million copies — just in 2010. This was a first time selling this … Continue reading

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First Manga/Anime?

Hi guys! I’m sorry for this huge inactivity this last week. I had promised an Inspiration article for last week’s Tuesday but I was having some computer problems and I had no chances but to delay that post :S I’m … Continue reading

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Naruto 4th Movie: The Lost Tower

Only Naruto is missing! Well, here’s the video (teaser) for Naruto’s 4th movie: The Lost Tower! Taken from: here Enjoy 😉

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Symbols are like clues

This time I have an article to show you. I made this one myself and for that I am hoping that it may be useful to everyone! What I am going to talk about are the meaning of symbols in … Continue reading

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